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Window Security Bars

Assessing your homes security is a vital part of you and your families safety. Many times incidents could of been avoided with proper security measures.  The following security guidelines will give you invaluable tips on how to increase the security of your home.

To assess your window security vulnerability, have a look at all the accessible windows in your home. Generally, ground floor and basement windows are the best targets for a thief, although you should consider windows on upper floors if they can be accessed easily.

If there are any shrubs or trees in front of your windows, trim them so that an intruder can’t work undetected.

Casement or awning-style windows generally provide a higher level of window security because of the hardware – a crank opener and secondary locks. The locking mechanism on double hung windows is also very difficult to defeat, while sliding windows offer the lowest level of window security. They can be pried open or completely removed by lifting them off the track.

For all double-hung or sliding windows, your window security can be improved by:

  • Keeping all windows closed when you are away from home.
  • Inserting pins to lock the 2 frames together. These pins are readily available in home improvement stores.
  • Insert blocking devices, such as dowels or sticks, to keep the window from sliding.

The use of window guards can greatly improve your window security. Generally used for basement and ground floor windows, bars are unique in that they offer both a visual deterrent and a physical deterrent. For windows in bedrooms and basements, window bars should be secured with a key-less releasing system for emergency exit.

Finally, make sure that alarm or crime-prevention security window stickers are displayed on all windows.

National Door manufacturers high strength , full steel construction, window security guards. Our window bars are available in either white or black and can be made to accommodate any application. We provide installation of window security bars to the Metro Detroit area and throughout all of Michigan.

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