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Automatic Gates

Automatic gate operators are a mechanical device used for opening and closing a gate, such as one at the end of a driveway, or the entrance to a lot. Automatic gate openers are typically powered by electricity or hydraulics, but some operators using solar power are available.

Electric powered gate openers are powered by an automatic arm which can open and close a gate. An electric gate operator uses a circuit to open, close or reverse the gate when it receives a signal from an access control.

Automatic gate operators can also be fitted with solar panels to operate without high voltage power. Solar power is used when an electricity source is not immediately available, or the owner wishes to use a clean and renewable energy source.

Electric gate openers are operated using access controls. These access controls can include remote controls, intercoms, keypads and exit sensors. However, not all gate operators are compatible with all accessories. For example, certain operators require devices that must be wired where as others can be used wirelessly.

Most automatic gate operators are built for use with either swinging or sliding gates. A swing gate operator consists of a box and an extended arm which opens and closes the gate. A sliding gate opener slides a gate or fence horizontally past the operating unit

Automatic gates can provide added security to your home or business by allowing you to decide who enters or exits and make that decision each time

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