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Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors and door frames are mainly used for broad commercial applications. They are fire resistant, insulated and known for unmatched strength, efficiency and superior performance. They have earned a flawless reputation with architects, design professionals and engineers all around the world. Hollow metal doors and door frame products provide a great wealth of advantages that are unmatched. Hollow metal doors are often used to replace wood doors when extra safety is preferred. These doors can be made to fit a custom opening and are available in several standard sizes. The durability of these doors helps to keep repairs and maintenance as minimal as possible and also offers good security. These are designed to meet architectural requirements with an emphasis on stability and structural integrity. You can get several benefits from the hollow metal doors out of which some are discussed below.

Hollow metal products are convenient to maintain and help to make sure virtually trouble-free operation for years. Hollow metal products are reliable as well as sturdy. They resist environmental conditions like heat, humidity, and other adverse impacts. They exhibit certainly no problems in the field like warping and delamination. They can help to prevent or reduce loss of  life and property damage. For industrial applications, people generally prefer specialty frames, electrified frames, fiberglass door frames, stainless frames, bullet resistant and sound control frames. Hollow metal door and frame products provide perfect solutions for high degree of security, including courthouses, detention centers, commercial buildings, hospitals and prisons. These hollow metal products can be used where strong measure of security and cost-effectiveness are needed.

National Door provides service and installation of all hollow metal doors throughout the Metro Detroit area and throughout Michigan.

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