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Vehicle Restraints

As industrial accident reports clearly attest, loading dock areas are potentially very dangerous. Semi-trucks entering your loading dock area are huge, very often extremely heavy, and, far more often than not, are driven by people you don’t know and have not trained. In short, you have someone operating a very dangerous piece of equipment on your property and have no idea of this person’s expertise or diligence. This is a clear recipe for a potential tragedy, which of course is the last thing you want to happen on your company’s grounds.

One absolutely essential type of material handling dock safety equipment is a truck restraint. Truck restraints prevent several dangerous and potentially tragic dock-area occurrences from happening. Two of these occurrences are early driver departure and trailer creep. Clearly, a driver pulling away from the dock while loading/unloading is still going on creates a huge potential hazard for dock workers. Dock truck restraints maintains a firm grip on the trailer’s rear portion will prevent a driver from moving his truck prematurely. Trailer creep refers to the gradual, inch-by-inch movement of a trailer away from a dock, with this movement usually caused by the momentum of repeated forklift crossings from the dock onto the truck bed. The firm grip of truck restraints prevents this from happening, which can be the difference in the potentially disastrous occurrence of a fork truck, with driver on board, falling forward into the gap created by the trailer creep

National Door provides service and installation to vehicle restraints to the Metro Detroit area and throughout all of Michigan.

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